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Party Art!
Got a big party, trade show, festival or shin-dig coming up? Liven up any event with Caricatures drawn right there for all your guests! Whatever the occasion, Cory's caricatures will be the showstopper! Makes a great souvenir!
Studio Art!
Need some pro custom artwork?! Need a great gift for somebody? Artwork for a newsletter, product or company image? Cory Van Ieperen has the skills to custom design and illustrate cartoons, comics, caricatures & more!

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APRIL 16th, 2018

CORYCATURES is Moving into the MOBILE age!
Stay tuned as this website will have a WHOLE NEW LOOK very soon!

CELEBRATING 10 Years of !!!!
New facelifts for the following pages!!
Caricatures! B& W Music Illustration!
Caricatures Shaded! Character Design
Caricatures in Full Color! Logos
Animation & Whiteboard Video Cartooning
February 22nd/2016 with
& @Corycatures
- They talk all about cartoons and caricatures

2014 - Present

September 17th, 2014 ~ Cool new Whiteboard video
Here's the latest whiteboard video I did back in January 
QUmai from Steve Tan on Vimeo.

November 27th, 2013
Christmas is coming up! There's still a bit of time to have your family sketched up for a card to send to the Rellie's!

February 19th, 2013
I have some great projects on the go at the moment and look forward to sharing the results! In the meantime....

Here's the latest whiteboard video I did back in January for a group called SPOKAL

VIDEO was SET to PRIVATE and removed. :( ~ Here is a shot of the fotage in process!

January 24th, 2013

Well we're into 2013 now! Happy New Year! I've been making some great additions and modifications to my "Studio" section so you can see a greater variety of the various types of artwork I've been providing for well over 15 years now! Check out the changes!


October 12, 2012
More new stuff to check out! My new CHARACTERS page! More changes and new artwork still to come!Characters

October 6th, 2012 ~ Cartoon Stop motion animation hand-drawn on video for CABgrab


September 25th, 2012
It's that time of year! Going into October I'll be cleaning my markers, pens and hard drives and updating so it's an even bigger online Resume and CV. Stay tuned for changes!

July 23rd, 2012
Corycatures drawing at YVR Vancouver Airport for "Take Off Fridays" every Friday all summer (except Aug 3rd). THis morning I interviewed and showed my drawing skills on CTV Morning Live
: Vancouver airport caricaturist

CTV-YVR live


October 24th, 2011
Recently I recorded a spot with Shaw cable's the Wedding Belles. Great tips for wedding ideas to keep the kids entertained:


May 24th, 2011
If you follow pro sports, you'll know Hockey is BIG in Canada. I'm a big fan of the Vancouver Canucks! Here is a link to my new blog page having fun making caricatures of this years team now playing their way to the Stanley Cup Final!
Check it out and download your own CANUCKatures
Vancouver CANUCKatures

April 8th, 2011
Next week and the weekend after I will be drawing at Whistler's BIGGEST arty of the year! The TELUS SKi & Snowboard Festival. BUT this time I will be equipped with an iPad and joining the world of digital cartoonists. Come check out the event and look for the Telus tent. Wow factor 1,397,333!!!

January 4th, 2011
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! Here's wishing you a happy, healthy and successful year in 2011. I enjoyed Christmas with family in Phoenix AZ this past Christmas (suntanned by the pool Christmas Day). Now I'm back in my studio and ready for what comes! First thing that arrived in my email while I was away was a link to a video of motion capture footage of my work at a wedding in Walnut Grove Langley last summer 2010. Check it out and I hope you like it! All the best!

Caricatures by Cory // time lapse from ldb on Vimeo.


October 19th, 2010
Now featured on Shaw cable's "Wedding Belles"
Look at 2:00 mins for Cory Caricatures drawing cameo!

April 23rd, 2010
Latest Masterpiece complete in the journal! Bad News Barracudas

March 31st, 2010
Big changes are coming to! I'm going to be re-organizing some of the pages into more categories so I can preview even more samples from the ever-growing portfolio of projects.

February 12th, 2010
I'm proud to present the completion of a longtime labour of love. I play in Vancouver band Skookum and enjoy the process of writing, recording and performing our music. Music is a language that has no borders and boundaries and I enjoy pursuing every creative outlet available to me. I've been fortunate enough to make it a full time pursuit. This song started as a guitar riff, then had lyrics which were revised and rewritten several times. Finally I penned the song that it is: "Rye (Can't Remember)".

I went to high school in 100 Mile House BC which provided me with a tight circle of friends and good times that I think helped make me the person who I am today. Yes, the song is about drinking and it's not supposed to change the world; but to me it invokes the passion and spirit of youth, friendship and the Canadian condition.

The video was shot and produced by my longtime frind Jason Williams. I did the animated scenes and caricatures. So check it out! It's Rye...and it's what we're drinkin'!

For those of you who are into that "Rock n Roll Music", I play guitar and sing in a local Vancouver band called Skookum. We are set to release our 2nd album with a kickoff party at the Roxy Nightclub on Granville Street. For more info about the album itself check out the Media Release here: SKOOKUM - 'Rockstar Dreamers'
July 15th
Hello, it's been a busy couple months with Dry Grad Season and the summer party, wedding, office bbq and other events kicking up. Thanks to Gabriel Mark Hasselbach at Sassabrass Entertainment & Wind Tunnel Multimedia for shooting and posting this great video of me drawing at an event today downtown Vancouver.

May 29th, 2009
Woops! It's been a while since I've updated! Over the past couple months I've been steadily working on various projects which I plan to share soon in the journal as well as updating the site all around with all my new projects. I've also worked feverishly on my band Skookum's 2nd album cover. The album is titled "Rockstar Dreamers" and is set to be independantly released next month.

I'm just swinging into Dry Grad season now so if you're a high school grad this year, I'll be seein' ya soon! I'm also working on some chalkboards! Can't wait to show them off....just need....sleep....dry fun! So late!!! Here's a recently completed and classy logo for a new blogsite called Crooked Icons. The guys had the design all laid out and I was able to bring their thoughts to the printed Jerry! Gold!!!

Crooked Icons logo

February 17, 2009
Coming out on newstands this month is the March issue of BC Outdoors "Sport Fishing" Magazine. On the last page for the article "Quiet Departure" in Dave Steele's Backcast section is my supporting cartoon. See here

BC Outdoors magazine
BC Outdoors-Sport Fishing: March 2009 issue

February 3rd, 2009
I was quite touched recently to be asked if one of my caricatures could be used as a tattoo. A young lady from Bathgate England saw my caricature of Alice Cooper as a golf/rocker and asked my permission. So here it is! How cool!

Alice Cooper tattoo Alice Cooper Caricature

And if you're still on MySpace (anybody? is this thing on? tap tap):
Thanks for being drawn to Corycatures!


July 9th, 2008
Catch me this weekend July 12th - 13th in Whistler at the Children's Art Festival! Beautiful Whistler will be hosting many workshops and free fun for kids! I will be drawing caricatures from 10am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday. For more information go to Whistler Children's Arts Festival

Also, without further ado, I am excited to show the results of my great Corus Radio Christmas party group caricature! For your next party, get the ultimate "Group Party Caricature". Here's a sample:

Click here to see the full PDF file

May 27th, 2008
The steady stream of projects from January through April have levelled off now and perhaps in good time as party bookings are filling up my June, July and August calenders! Don't forget folks, Party Caricatures will be a hoot at your BBQ, Staff party, mixer, birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah or pool party. Also, check the Journal for my most recently completed cartoon soon to be printed in the Jewish Community Centre Annual booklet.

May 8th,
It's now Grad and Festival Season!
I've recently updated a few pages including the Corporate/Business page and Studio Art pages: Gift Caricature and Illustration. I've been updating with the latest completed projects. Hopefully, this will illustrate an even clearer idea of the range and scope of artwork I have been designing and working on for a variety of different projects!

March 26th,
I will be drawing caricatures at the new Ultimate Seafood Junkies location in Langley BC this Saturday from 12pm - 4pm. Come and get your toon done and check out the great new store! Click here for directions

March 18th,
A few of the projects, I have been a part of are now open! Ultimate Seafood Junkies is officially open for business so if you are in the Langley, BC area, go check it out! I've been getting some great projects now from the U.S. Of course, any and all projects are welcome from near and from abroad! Heck, I'll even do cartoon work for Klingons! I have reactivated the MyArtClub page. It was my first official website, and I will feature some of my fine art work there for sale. Finally, Spring is here folks and grad season will soon be upon me! For those who don't know, I do a great deal of Dry Grads each year which are "alcohol-free" dusk to dawn all-nighters. Sleep becomes a much desired daytime activity.

February 26th, 2008
Hello again! I have updated some work I've recently completed in the new Journal page. I have completed some Chalkboard art for the soon to open Ultimate Seafood Junkies! I am proud to say I've been involved with helping them design their branding, business cards, website, menus and now their menu boards which will be seen at their premier location in Langley (I've told them they'll have 30 before too long - haha - hoping to keep myself busy) ***I'm also updating links. If you have a site and think a link sharing would be worthwhile for both parties, feel free to send me a message and we'll hook up. Thanks for staying tuned!

January 29th, 2008
Keeping very busy so far this year! I have a few projects on the go and thought I'd create a page that will help you see the latest projects I've done. Just in case I haven't the time to update it on each page. It should make for a pretty cool diary of the most recent work to date! Go to the Journal here!


December 3rd, 2007
I'm very excited to announce that my band, SKOOKUM, has been featured in this weeks edition of the Surrey NOW Newspaper! Our CD Release is this Friday December 7th and the article explains how we're releasing a debut CD as well as our Premier issue of Skookomix, the comic book I've developed based on our band, the music scene and trying to make it in the music biz altogether. Check out the article while it's still there, here!

November 26th, 2007
I'm excited to present my first Party piece for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games Construction and Organization Crew! I was invited to their wrap-up party this past weekend and was asked to do things a little differently. Taking one large board, I drew everyone on one page in a gigantic montage. What turned out was the most unique party caricature I've done to date! I was invited by an attendee to do the same thing at a 60th Birthday party with much the same surprise and excitement from guests! I think I may have found a new market!
The Party Caricatures Memorial Board!
I can only hope it turns up framed in one of the venues at the 2010 Olympic games! Check it out:
2010 Olympics

November 12th, 2007
Anybody interested in what I'm doing with my Rock Band, SKOOKUM? We're releasing our first CD, "Big Phat Sounds". Our release party is December 7th, at Cheers in Delta! It will be a great show and I will be doing caricatures there as a special extra for everyone who wats to come down and buy a copy. Come down and support my Rock Habit!

October 13th, 2007
Check out this great new Road Rage Recovery product! I designed the character and artwork some time ago and the product is finally ready to go! Check it out, it's a hoot!
The Dashbasher

October 5th, 2007
I'm pleased to announce that Seasonal bookings are well under way as well as grads for 2008! Way to start early schools! Most recently completed project is company branding design for a line of products called Posh. I enjoy working with people and helping them realize their own ideas and vision of their own brand.

September 19th,
Well, that was a great summer! I've been doing so many events and projects that I need to put time aside to update everything! I'll be likely revamping this site a bit here to distinguish the online portfolio from the services so it's even easier for one to see everything I offer and everything I do and have done!

Christmas time and that whole holiday season is fast approaching so keep Corycatures in mind if you are planning a staff party (Party caricatures are a blast!) or planning a unique gift (Artwork for those who already have everything!)

Here's the latest little project I completed for Province staff writers Jason Brough and Mike Halford. It's a cartoon banner for a new Vancouver Canucks Discussion blogspot on the Province site called, the Orland Kurtenblog:
Click here to see the Kurtenblog

July 12th,
Thanks for being drawn to Corycatures! Hope all of you are having a great summer so far. I have been working non-stop for the past couple months drawing at Grads and BBQ's and weddings and corporate events and much more! I will soo have some of my more recent projects posted as well.

March 23rd,
Hello, thanks for being drawn to Corycatures! I'm happy to have been contracted to do some work for the gang at Riptown media, who host Bodog Nation. Thanks to Jason Brough for working with me and I'm sure we'll do more in the future! I also was fortunate to desing the yearbook cover for the radio staff at Z95.3 and CISL-650

Also have a look at my work with the Green Garden Gang! I designed all artwork as well as the characters and the landing page. I'm looking forward to the potential success! Here's to a good year!

November 12th, 2006
I've been very busy working on changes to this site and my bands site! Please have a look around and your feedback is welcome. Check out

November 9th, 2006

Check out my latest comic episode #14 at
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