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Before we start on your custom caricature or illustration I’ll ask you a few questions about what you’re looking for. I will also need a few photos (if it’s a caricature)

Step 1 Stick Figures Step 2 - Pencil Draft Step 3- Final Artwork Reference Photos


I provide a rough thumbnail sketch. This has no emphasis on the resemblance.. this step is about getting the whole composition right

Your final Corycature is not going to like this


When I send you a few thumbnails like the one above, it’s to develop an overall composition that I’ll go with.


Then I’ll draw a stronger “final” pencil sketch like this

Then, you might like a slight revision, so I’ll go back to the drawing board and work on it a bit more…like this
Once you give the thumbs up, I get right to work on the final artwork!

THIS IS THE POINT of NO RETURN in our process


1) Shortly afterwards I will present you with a final inked version 2) You may even want it shaded at which point I can work on it to look like this!
3) ... or digitally like this

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Please provide up to 4-5 clear photos of the subjects. File sizes should be over 100kb for clarity (anything smaller pixelates when zooming in close). Try to provide the best photo that clearly represents that person’s face & personality (a single photo doesn’t always represent ones ‘image” or looks). Shots that cut off the hairline or chin do not give me the “whole picture”; and, crooked smiles and squinty eyes that are not what you normally see the person doing can result in a likeness that you do not feel captures the person.

If you can only provide one photo of a person then the result will be that specfic reference photo. **IN some cases it's all about the photo and how funny it turned out which is totally fine**

Composition and Theme:
You can have several ideas that you want to add to the drawing to make it more personal: hobbies, pursuits, job or personal scenarios. The best thing is to list your top 5-6 scenarios/situations/hobbies/habits that should make the 'toon. If you do have several ideas, first organize these on your own and make your "Top 5" or "Top 10". Several ideas are great but some simply can't all fit in one drawing.
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