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Studio Pricing
Studio Art | Gift Caricatures | Cartooning & Comics

Studio Art
For all studio work including illustration, graphic and cartooning projects, Corycatures charges a minimum rate of $50.00 per hour and up. With a brief consultation, we can determine what your project will involve.

The following tasks are included in the hourly rate:
-Preproduction work
- Sketches, storyboards, idea pitches, planning.
-Production work
- drawing, inking, colouring, lettering, digitizing.
- Revisions, document prep, cd duplication.

Some of the following services are not charged:
-First contact and consultation meetings
-packaging and preparation for shipment
-coffee breaks and distractions!

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Gift Caricatures
Give the gift of a personalized, custom-made caricature! There are three different price points depending on the level of work given to the piece. View samples of each below! Click here for more samples: black & white | shaded | color
1. LINE Caricature
$125.00 for
(+$15/each face after 3)
2. TONE Caricature $165.00
(+$20 per face after 3)
3. Color Caricature
(+$25 per face after 3)
Caricature LINE drawing

Color crc
<with digital coloring, you'll need to consider and take care of your extra printing costs>

Gift Caricature - Line drawing pricing Cory's most common process is to illustrate his artwork with pen and ink in black & white, then to scan the artwork for computer formatting.
Colouring is another step that can take the same length of time as the original artwork or more. Here are the results of one project.
Full color pricing caricatures
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Comic Strip Art
Starting at $250 ~ Consultation required.
Please contact Corycatures to discuss

What's involved you ask?
A comic strip is planned and developed in a few stages:
1) Writing - The storylilne and plot is considered, written, revised, rehashed and finally agreed upon.

2) Character development - If we're starting from scratch then we have to design some

3) Pencilling - Start with thumbnails for an overall page composition. Then its fleshed out on the artboard.

4) Inking - Once completed, pencils get drawn over with indelible black ink. This is where shadows and light values are worked out. Finished inking makes the artwork ready for reproduction ( and it also means definitely no revisions!)

5) Coloring - Reproduced artwork is scanned into the computer and coloring is completed.

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Were you looking to have me draw at your next big event instead?
Like... a Wedding? Birthday? Retirement? Trade Show? Office Party? Family Reunion? Shindig?
then Click here for Party Caricatures Pricing
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