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Look no further if you are easily offended or upset by differing political views or potentially crude humor
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Commisioned Caricature for former Vancouver Canucks GM Brian Burke ~ private fishing trip ~ (2011)
Commisioned Caricature for former Global News anchor Kevin Newman ~ (2010)
Commisioned Caricature for former B.C. MLA ~ (2002)

NFL Sportscasters
Colin Farrel and Britny Spears AliceCooper AliceCooperTattoo
Vancouver TV Celebs Superbowl

Jim Goddard - The Goddard Report Todd Hancock ~ back in his CFOX daysTodd&Karen
Find him now on his Toddcasts
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Political Caricatures (***my political views are my own!***) Political Caricatures | Celebrity Caricatures
THe Battle for proper public education funding - (a.k.a. Teachers strike 2015)
Political Hi-jinx!
In Fall of 2005, the B.C. Teachers union performed wildcat strikes to encourage the provincial government to table a new contract after being legislated to work for four years without one.
shirley bond spoof campbell-bctf spoof gordon campbell spoof

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